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Time-Lapse: Progress at Beddington ERF

05 Oct 2016

The time-lapse footage captures how construction work has progressed on site as Lagan Construction Group undertake the development of the £205m state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in Beddington, Sutton, which commenced in 2015 for client Viridor.

The facility will provide the South London Waste Partnership and businesses with a safe and cost-effective alternative to landfill. It will also bring forward the completion and restoration of the existing landfill into green spaces and wildlife habitats.

The ERF has been designed to process around 275,000 tonnes of non-hazardous residual waste a year. Wider environmental benefits will include the landfill diversion of up to 95 per cent of waste delivered to the facility and the generation of up to 26MW of electricity, which will power the facility itself and supply over 22MW to the National Grid. It could also provide heat for local users.

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