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Design, Build & Operate

LaganMEICA has designed and built numerous schemes with at least a six month operation phase on the majority of them including Kinnegar WWTW which being operated for twenty four years. Using the NEC suite of contracts, this has been the mainstay of our work over the last number of years.

Working on both Clean Water and Waste Water plants, we take the design from concept through to installation, testing and commissioning for at least the first six months of the operation period or longer if required.

Kinnegar WwTW is a 110,000 PE Sequenced Batch Reactor (SBR) plant that we designed, built and are operating for NI Water.

Unique in the Belfast catchment we are responsible for providing power, management and maintenance of this critical asset for Northern Ireland Water.

We have also participated in numerous design and build schemes where we have championed early contractor involvement as part of the process. This involves all parties and is tailored to providing a solution that considers the budgets of clients, the needs of operations, allied to the practicalities and innovation that contractors and designers can bring.

Our Integrated Management System allows us to evaluate both capital cost as well as the operational costs against technical specifications. Our Technical Bid Analysis procedure allows us to tailor robust plant choices to meet the client’s requirements which is not always cost driven.

We also recognise the client’s preference for design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) and /or off-site manufacture/construction.

We recognise the benefits to the client of DFMA and use business information modelling to design and fabricate offsite where it is practical to do so.

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